Tuesday, May 24, 2016 at 05:17PM
The Brush and Comb

Bernadine Connelly was born in Trinidad, Colorado, and has lived in Golden, Colorado since 1978.  Her passions include water coloring, gardening, hiking, and enjoying the beauty of the outdoors.  Five years ago she began studying painting with Janet Nunn, which awoke a "sleeping giant."  During these formative years, Bernadine refined the art of mixing colors and developed her own unique style of painting.  Her skills have been sharpened over the years by painting many different types of subjects, including family members, pets, flowers and other natural settings. Painting has enhanced her ability to relish the moment, and live in peace and harmony.  As she would joyfully say, "Painting is simply fun, fun, fun!"



Charl Hardesty

As a retired lawyer, with kids grown and gone, I stumbled across some watercolor paintings in a frame shop that was being used as a classroom by a watercolor artist.  I could feel my heart beating a little harder and some excitement building. I contacted that teacher, about 5 years ago now, and that was the beginning! I was a true beginner and dabbled off and on, in between traveling for a long time.

I have no art education or formal training in art. As I said, my left-brain had been in charge. I searched out and found more teachers and artists via workshops and regular classes at various places around the Denver area.  I find that hours can go by while I'm painting without my noticing. It fully absorbs my mind and serves as a form of meditation for me, as well as a creative outlet. I truly paint for enjoyment, not for profession, and have to keep reminding myself of that as my inner critic starts to rear its ugly head.

I hope something in one of my paintings brings you joy, inspiration, a happy memory, or just touches your heart with beauty.








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